Our works

LNG Projects

Gas Eco H2 has also designed and constructed LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) stations in various strategic locations on the peninsula.

Our LNG stations are located in cities such as Pinto, Palencia, and Badajoz, providing an efficient alternative for natural gas supply.

Gas Eco has constructed CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) stations in various strategic locations throughout the peninsula.

Some of the cities where you can find CNG stations designed and built by Gas Eco include Cáceres, Madrid, Fuenlabrada, Vitoria, Logroño, Lleida, Guadalajara, Mallorca, Murcia, A Coruña, and Sevilla.

GNC Projects


Gas Eco has some of our H2 (hydrogen) facilities present in various parts of the peninsula.

Customers can find them in Jaén and Sevilla.

These stations provide an ecological and sustainable solution for mobility.

Monesterio, Palencia, Pinto...
Sevilla, Madrid, Mallorca....
Sevilla, Jaen....